Wherever you work in York, if you are delivering public services, UNISON is the union for you.  Join us today for essential cover wherever you work.

Many of our members work at City of York Council one of the largest employers in the city.

You can join a unionWe are also the union for support staff at all Local Authority York schools and Academies, York College, Askham Bryan College, and independent schools, along with day nurseries, playgroups and out of school clubs.  Our members also work for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Housing Trust and York Museums Trust.

Staff in outsourced organisations such as Explore Libraries and Archives, along with home care and reablement services are our members too.  As are members of staff in council owned companies such as Make it York and City of York Trading.  If you are on Work with York books, you can join us too.

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News headlines

UNISON says “NO!” to reducing staff sickness absence through targets

We spoke at the Executive on Thursday condemning the report’s recommendations to procure an external contract to reduce the council’s sickness absence by 30%. It is a disgrace that staff’s illness is a target, rather than their wellbeing.

Thank you to both Labour and Green Councillors for calling this atrocious report in.

The report (item 7) can be found here.

Watch what we said on YouTube here (from 9.50 mins in)

Read what we said here.

Summary of the decision is here.


York Council agrees to sign UNISON Ethical Care Charter 27/03/18

(27/03/18) UNISON speaks in support of City of York Council adopting UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter Executive 15 March 2018

UNISON welcomed the report of the Director of Health, Housing and Adult Social Care to adopt parts 1 and 2 of the Ethical Care Charter.  We urged the council to go further and adopt the charter as a whole.  We spoke out against the use of zero hour contracts and poverty pay and terms and conditions of employment for Care Workers.

Read the transcript here...


When UNISON wins for all workers (02/01/18)

UNISON has fought and won some huge cases this year, some of the successful cases include:

Scrapped employment tribunal fees
UNISON has won the landmark victory to scrap employment tribunal fees for the whole country. The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the Government was acting unlawfully when they introduced the fees four years ago. Due to this victory employees treated unlawfully or unfairly at work will no longer have to pay to take their employer to court, this is a direct result of UNISON’s legal challenge. The Government has also had to refund anyone affected by the fees. When UNISON wins its for all workers

This is a massive success for UNISON members and all workers.

Holiday pay
UNISON won a landmark case to entitle workers to holiday pay. Thousands of people will now be entitled to holiday pay as a result of the decision. Until now, many whose wages included commission or additional hours lost a lot of money whenever they took a holiday. Many simply couldn’t afford to go away. Another big win in making sure workers get proper holiday pay.

Sleep-In payments
UNISON have fought for sleep in payments for those staff who have to sleep at their workplace, this now means the employer must include this time in their calculations for national minimum wage, this could also see a pay rise and possible back pay for those affected. This is a big success for UNISON members and anyone who does sleep-ins.

Employers consultation
UNISON has won a landmark victory that makes it much harder for employers to ignore staff when making major changes in the workplace. The court of appeal hearing means that for the first time employers will be obliged to consult with unions around any workplace issues that affect their members.

Until now, unions only had the right to be consulted where the law required this, for example in TUPE regulations where employees transfer from one employer to another, and in redundancy cases. The ruling means employers will also have to involve unions in issues such as those around working hours and holiday pay. This is very important if you are being asked to change the way you work.

Now you know what UNISON can do for you.


AGM 2018: Thursday 29th March 2018

This year's annual meeting was held on:

at 5.30PM

Provisional timetable:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Notes of 2017 Annual Meeting
  • Election of branch officers and ratification
    of stewards
  • Branch reports
  • Updating of branch rules
  • Where do we go in 2018

AGM 2018: Representative Roles and Branch Officer positions
City of York Councillors unanimously pass Labour Motion on UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter (24/07/17)

On Thursday 20 July, City of York’s council meeting unanimously passed a Motion on UNISON’s Ethical Care Charter. This is an important step forward towards adopting the Charter here in York.

Our Branch Secretary spoke in favour of the motion.
Watch: From 11.05 minutes in


Read: What we had to say here:
Speaking in Support of the Ethical Care Charter Motion pdf



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